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Human Beings

Postmodern culture regards human rights as foreign rights. The courts of the present world are courts that grant rights based on policy, and do not see human beings as having inherent rights anymore. This is the result of assuming that religious practices are separate from legal practices, while those same rights inherent in human beings were separated from the courts obligation to act and discarded with reliigous duties of the court.

This practice has only recently been well documented in the use and substitution of the word 'person', traditionally a reference to the term 'individual human being', as a legal term for a corporate account or office created by a government solely for the purpose of acting as a legal instrument in which a government has total and final control over without reserved rights of any kind normally elected by a human being.

Person-hood, the creation of the account, usually occurs in the registration of a child to the rolls of a country, such as the United States, and then all legal acts carried out by the country are assigned to the office holder of this 'person' (account) which a human being is called to occupy, and bound by tort (contract) without their formal knowledge or understanding that such claim is a voluntary agreement, and by creation of threat and fear of ostracism if they reject the national registered identity. You can leave, but you will not be permitted to trade in the monopoly that is created, discriminated against, and must settle debts with the nation on behalf of the account prior to surrender of the roll number despite dispute of liability.

This knowledge is essential to understanding what a human being is, when we talk about life after government in total war, and the concept of human rights and values, laws, and provision of the reasoning of extremely old beings who look on at this fraud and consider it no different than slavery under the whip and chain of prior pre-telecommunication civilizations. Slavery by fraud is, in many ways, worse than slavery by force, because many of the slaves resist fighting back and are so morally damaged as to be incapable of living in a normal society with normal values.


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