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Beyond War

"Beyond War"™ revolves around Fourth Generation Warface (4GW), to use modern terminology, described in 1996 many people thought I was being grim and apocalyptic. It is an n-Space game engine™ built in the C++ language for PC platforms using OpenGL support for Windows 10 and Linux clients.

Having no first-hand knowledge of the Middle East, modern data networks, weapons of mass destruction, and proliferation patterns in the foreseeable future as a child of an Air Force family - it was not well understood or accepted prior 16 years of unrelenting war (2001-2017). Nor documents submitted in game testing and design in 1996 and use of the term in drafts in 1991 recognized for the work and trademark granted later by the State of Oklahoma over this product amid industrial espionage spanning 2001-2017 to block the project in support of child concealment and kidnapping by the State of Texas (USA).

Extortion attempts to control the project using removal of a child, defamation, and fraud, punctuated the threat of domestic terrorism in suppression of critical civil rights by the State of Texas and populist media.

The overt bias and criminal severity of such abuse was not fully evident to i the general public until the abuse by major media professionals during the 2016 Presidential U.S. campaign, when the subversion of public discourse exposed foreign financial backing opposed to the content of the Beyond War Project and American common law. Liberal extremism, at its worst, made Nazi Germany look civil and kind.

This sort of unrestricted warfare, to carry out knowing legal and political deceit upon the public, and endorse fraud as a form of genocide activity in abuse of control over modern digital media - both professional and Internet based - paired with identity theft, defamation, cyber stalking, and felony kidnapping, is a reality in the United States and ongoing crisis, no different than the atrocities of Iraq and Syria, and to the same ends (Regime Change, suppression of political and public and commercial rivals).

"Beyond War"™ raises the fundamental moral and practical question, as to the right to remedy and relief and justice in cases of obscene violation of civil rights, and anthology to the moral question of public policy versus the obligation to provide penalties and consequences for genocide activity. These are the same questions the Jewish State of Israel raised against nations who sought to shelter war criminals after 1945, and the same resposne. We will never forget - and neither should the world, no matter the benefit.

Efforts to force amnesty and immunity for child abusers, child abductors, and persons engaged in the destruction of bonds between generations to the erradication of culture and heritage and identity - must be punished. Hostages must be returned. Rights must be restored. Or society fails.

The 'Greater Good' (benefit to society at large) cries out it is more deserving than any one person, able to provide for incentives and reward if granted clemency, and we must respond, "No". This is the moral question of our generation, and will not be settled by war alone. For if society learns nothing, then it will repeat the same crimes over and over until humanity is no more - and all children are mere commodities.

The project essentially asks:

"When the planet is destroyed, or an entire solar system, how does the weapon that survives that event get back up and hit back at whatever just took out a star?"
This isn't such a strange question for children of the 1980s (Cold War), and the theory of Mutually Assured Destruction between the United States and the former United Soviet Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R.). In fact, a great deal of admiration continues to exist for the men and women of both sides who stood their ground to defend their ideals at that time. Lessons that modern insurgents should be well aware of prior to provoking the West or the Bear of the East.

The star is, of course, a metaphor for our missing and exploited children, denied return to their parents without lawful cause or due process, and irrespective of the irreparable harm such prolonged (16 year) concealment may cause - that affects in no way the right to demand their return and the obligation that any obstruction to such right is a crime against all human beings and society.

To quote an American Captain at sea,

"We have not yet begun to fight."

The Goal of the Project - As A Literary Piece and Multimedia Work

The goal of "Beyond War"™ is not to inspire awe in the act, or machismo or glib in the look it gives the bad guy. The goal is to explore the before and after of that moment, the why, and to better understand what compels that soldier to stand up again - when everything is gone.

In the end, that is what we are fighting for today: "A Culture War", where extermination of our beliefs and our freedom and any right to protection and respect are under siege by foreign and domestic apologists. The identity of our hero is more important than the weapon in his hand. We need to know why, not just how or with what force. What that soldier cares about is far more important than what he can do.

The Beyond War Project

Learn about the Beyond War Project.

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