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About "Beyond War"™

It is important for you as an audience member to have a clear separation of the definition of fantasy (science fiction) from reality (human life on planet Earth, circa 2016), otherwise a number of sources on the Internet are going to lie to you in order to take as much credit as possible for the story and people you are about to enjoy.

Understanding Identity

Firstly, why the pen name?

The name (H.M. Stryx) or "Stryx"™ (reg No 12415565, State of Oklahoma), was the (then) correct spelling for "owl" in the Cassell's Compact Latin Dictionary (ISB 0-440-31101-2) ref 3.95, and a tradename used at various events and conventions for science fiction (badges, registred nametag) of the author. Efforts to adopt this name and libel it purposefully in 2007-2016 in Texas and Oklahoma, including allegations the name was mis-spelled, stem from the program manager of a radio station that was suspended for violating its non-commercial FCC license and fined over $5,000 for holding fraudulent board meetings to continue the non-profit while selling advertising and broadcasting outside the altitude and power of the license.

Efforts to later use the name ("Strix") by Asus for a video card line in 2012 and later followed this pattern of suggested infringement which led the Beyond War group to reject the UNITED STATES as a legitimate government.

All corporations formed in the UNITED STATES are legally "xyz, a corporation of the UNITED STATES" - owned in full and licensed for business to use in (U.S.) commerce activity by the UNITED STATES upon application for a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and by their sub-agency in the territory legally known as STATE OF (insert old territory name here). While the corporation may say "Corporation of the State of Oklahoma" on that title (known as a Letter of Marque) permit the recognition and acts under colors (flag) of the State (issuing authority) in activity (commerce) in other States (foreign state), including the collection of taxes and revenue declarations on behalf of the home state (issuing authority). This becomes relevant when theft of a company name, title, or even a person's name (legal, registered - as in your name on the card associated with your Social Security Number), or a pen name.

The argument made by the former associate professor, and by the parties who did abduct for extortion, ransom, and concealment in perpetuity a minor newborn child, was that the failure to register a name made the ownership of that name or its related beneficial products and creative and intellectual property 'abandoned' or 'unclaimed' property. This is knowingly false, misleading, and a fraud - especially where such property is taken by force, concealed from view by presentation of false providence (origin, transfer, and rights to the benefit of), and that such deceit was both justifiable and accepted practice due to negligence and failure to interdict or arrest the parties over time.

The threats by one of the abducting parties are very elaborate in the letters sent to the Beyond War project, using the company and alienated parent's legal name in false presentation, and were dismissed as 'mental illness' of the letter's authors (2 - an Oklahoma man and a Texas man) without a formal order being issued by a judge and attorney on review - and without remedy or relief afforded of any kind other than the advice to 'ignore' the claims in the (false) belief they would go away and no (material, real, or registered) property were being harmed. This is not true, per common law Title 76, referring therein to 'reputation' as a substantial value and property under law protected in contract by the State and UNITED STATES, but ignored in this case, as the abusers alleged - and in spite of real and sustained suspension of contact (hostage taking) of a minor child in violation of a (then secret) court order which was readily accessible on the complaint of such child kidnapping by the officers of the Court and State - had they only bothered to inquire or reviewed the document physically presented (obtained then by a Private Investigator at the expense of the alienated parent).

Fundamentally, the abducting parties, recruiting and acting jointly across State and International borders, did register the full legal name of the victim on two separate occassions with ICANN using the .com and .me extensions, with the purpose of commercially and publicy and globally defaming and damaging the author to deprive them of benefit from his work, access to his child, and credit for any financial or commercial or public reward for the content created and in development in written documents, rules, and papers as evident in the 1996 release of the "Beyond War" product - then protected by copyright.

Copyright, the law of intellectual property, dictates that ownership is automatically imbued upon creation of the work, and that registration is only necessary to obtain damages for infringement via the tort (contract) civil process of the UNITED STATES courts or State or District courts of the same in incorporated STATE OF control.

Use of anonymous aliases (unregistered, false and misleading, to disguise) in the creation and filing of these registered ICANN names, websites, and defamation publications, advertisements (craigslist), and accounts (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter), underline the criminal element in the felony stalking (18 USC 2261A) of the author over 2001-2016, supporting kidnapping and concealment of his only child to obtain control and use of the mark (Beyond War) and proceeds and credit and right to impersonate or adapt and derive content from its documents and presentations by which several other major titles were created and remain in operation today.

It was never necessary to register the mark to stop its use, but the UNITED STATES and member STATE entities refused protection in these cases, making filing a requirement to further establish the abuse was consistent with malicous felony activity, to sabotage a pre-existing (established 1991, incorporated 1998) Oklahoma company licensing the mark prior to the conception or birth (2001 May) of the child concealed in this fraud, and to underline the severity of this fraud in sabotage by the UNITED STATES through its selective enforcement of protection and selling of the right to such protection from a criminal act involving loss of a family member.

To carry on normal and prior successful commerce, the author was forced to formally register the name, which does not transfer the right to protection or copyright - or make adaptation or use or derived or limit the mark upon expiration of any registration, despite appearing to make the mark an asset held in registry by the UNITED STATES or its agency, or to make its use in commerce an act of voluntary participation in such exclusive monopoly of commerce as such registration was obtained under extreme duress in targeted activity to damage the human rights of the originating party both in loss of reputation, equal access, protection of trade, and integrity against blackmail and extortion by concealment or deceit to permanently harm a family member.

The registration was also necessary to protect the author from abuse which was retaliation for suggesting by inclusion in a work of fantasy or fiction, that individual rights were superior to those of collective and community interest, or that the human condition of aging and disease and death were a choice or potential outcome that could be escaped, as these conditions were integral to the fundamental and religious beliefs of radicals. Specifically, feminists adamant assertion that the mother is superior in child care and possession due to the creation of the child and inevitable cycle of birth and death; as well as to those persons who would set aside the value of the father as moral and ethical teacher with views different than collective views common to mothers and female physical psychologogy; including and not limited to the concepts of a financial award to women for child birth and inferior role of men due to their higher earning potential which is justification to suspend parental contact if these entitlements are not paid to women and the State, even in cases of loss of employment or forced employment against the will of the father.

These radical elements are a very real group of people, adamant about their exclusive ability to influence and control very young children and recently (1999-2016) aware of the powerful role science fiction and literature communities have on accessing those youth before they are in the job market and aware of the negative impact of such policies in social justice and progressive theology.

Progressive socialism is a religion, just like Islamic Extremism, masquarading as a political theory to appeal to the commercial mass market in capitalist societies, rallying the disenfrachised against minorities who are successful in free market competition. Like ISIS, these elements claim to be a government only once they have overwhelming force, and have worked as representatives of the community while systematically kneecapping resistance and supporting anonymous violence and retaliation which can only be called terrorism in a free society.

Because of this violence in the UNITED STATES, the author has elected to use a pen name to further separate the claims of the abusers and their supporters from his registered identity or any business related, to make the point that Beyond War is a work of fiction, and claims manufactured to allege it is something more (delusion, fantasy, derived from later released content) are just fraud on a very highly organized level linked to criminal racketeering in the UNITED STATES at this time by U.S. Citizens and aided by foreign supporters of this extremist ideology in felony crimes.

It can (and will) be argued later that abandonment of the defense of property including the registered social security number and name of the author in attacks by UNITED STATES CITIZENS or on their behalf whether by direction or aided by obstruction of a court order or prior rights violated by the creation of such order on false pretext without any due process whatsoever, will justify the legal seizure of that name and associated number and accounts by the injured party, a human being; but in fact the use of the name in the context of borrowing against the future earnings of the same and suspension of any rights not expressly granted and attached to the documents and titles (Social Security Act) so undersigned by the actual party upon the age of majority, makes such tort null and void and any proceeds the property of the injured party (a human being), payable in treble by the UNITED STATES immediately.

The argument as to whether the name of a baby (human being) could be conveyed only by the UNITED STATES CITIZEN account held in the office of person by the biological parents of that human being, or by only one of two biological parents based on the gender of the parent as a superior right, come into question only if we surmise the act of naming a child was a corporate act knowingly performed by the human beings in full knowledge of the loss of any and all rights otherwise conveyed to their child and in context to the right to choose to commit the act in any other way (non-corporate, human act). In the author's case, he was told "you cannot take your child home unless you sign this and choose a name".

That very request, conditional suspension of parental contact, made by a UNITED STATES CITIZEN in May of 2001, made the act a human act under duress and filed unlawfully and in bad faith as a corporate act in commerce of the UNITED STATES and STATE OF TEXAS, in fraud against THE TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES and in concealment without bona fide cause an act of piracy by the UNITED STATES for all instances of refusal to return the stolen property promised in the common law and later promised again but concealed in a bill of sale issued May 2002.

Continued use of the name of the injured party, a human being, over 16 years of abuse, make it very easy to in turn assert that the name has been irreparably damaged by false filings by the UNITED STATES on a debt determined to be nullified per the original order in letter of contract in 2003, and such fraud constitutes a rightful separation to prevent further confusion with this fraud by the UNITED STATES against the American People.

It would have been simpler if someone just shot someone, but like Letters of Marque, these use of identifying cards showing a membership in 'the office of person' (a legal fiction, with limited powers, not held to be a human being or subject to the common or Constitutional Law) in commece with the UNITED STATES, can just as easily be called contracts to commit piracy by a non-sovereign enemy combatant of the American People, and the acts in their impact and effect are nothing less than acts of war.

Talking about the crime, negligence, concealment, denial, and fraud would upset any UNITED STATES CITIZEN, but it happened, and the theory of who (the UNITED STATES, the STATE the crime occurred, the STATE the child was concealed, or the STATE acting jointly to collect on the extortion and apply pressure preventing recovery) remains the final chapter of wilful criminal evasion of the duty of office, to the extent of abandonment of the office of sovereign by the UNITED STATES in any capacity, either for wilful neglect or intoxication by incentive and lack of oversight.

Regardless the cause, the conclusion is one any parent can see, and changing your name or the name of your child after having had your windows shot out and your face scared by assault at gunpoint over a child abduction in a Western country where no arrests have been made and the child not returned or informed of the true facts of the case and duration that the parent sought return (from day 1 to present of abduction) is a woeful outcome supporting the conclusion that the name is very much a meaningless instrument once human rights and human dignity are bartered for commercial benefit of the UNITED STATES or UNITED STATES CITIZENS by force and threat of property seizure, false arrest, or even false allegation of a large debt during the deprivation of human rights without legal cause.

The sole defense to this is that the matter is too complex for a UNITED STATES jury or judge, and that the court or any ordinary UNITED STATES CITIZEN cannot process the arguments, conditions, overt acts of violence without a witness who is a UNITED STATES agent to verify the claims actually happened - and that such officers having refused to speak rebuke the testimony of the victim as without value, as the victims are not officers of the UNITED STATES COURT or STATE COURT in which the UNITED STATES has chosen to place superior trust in exclusion of facts in the case.

Indeed, slaves are very simple and educated only to accept what they have been taught is true. As a result, this matter cannot be given fair trial in the UNITED STATES or by UNITED STATES CITIZENS based on the expert opinion of the persons presented to act in 'the office of attorney', an elevated position of rights as agents of the court, and refused relief or investigation unless a fee is paid to pursue recovery - quoted as over $10,000 USD - to the agent. Most countries can see where this is going, and most people (human beings). This is the current state of affairs in the UNITED STATES, and grounds for our case and claim to separate the Beyond War project and its property from that entity as an ineffective and illegitimate government of the American People, resultant of the conduct of the UNITED STATES (its officers, human beings - who are not immune in this act or capacity under any tenant of law as these matters are war crimes and immunity surrendered in the aforementioned UNITED STATES TREATY).

Contempt for foreign courts, to include overt ridicule, should the matter go before the HAGUE or other body, is evident in the communications with the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA attorneys in this matter, and argument that a UNITED STATES CITIZEN cannot bring suit against the UNITED STATES for a war crime, overlooking (omitting, purposefully) that the victim is an AMERICAN and that term denoting a human being who does not stand or accept or disputes the 'office of person' attesting involuntary membership under duress in the UNITED STATES or representation to earn and pay a ficticious debt created by a war crime, makes their status as an involuntary worker to protect their own property and tangible and intangible results of their work into a "UNITED STATES CITIZEN".

The argument made is essentially, "You and what army?" will force the UNITED STATES or STATE OF TEXAS to return a hostage to an American who is his father. Many families have had similar complaints against the UNITED STATES recently, and have for that dispute been labelled "terrorists" to deter the American People from asking why this is happening.

The answer is simple. As of 2001 August, the UNITED STATES went rogue, abandoning its role as the agency appointed under a limited contract of powers to act as the government of the American People. There is no exclusive or perpetual grant of title to this office, and it has violated the minimum standards of the office as to require removal and / or instatement of a substitute as our freely elected or nominated or designated government (Oklahoma Constitution Article II Section 1). Not only do the American People have this power, but it is their right, and not limited to a single government or exclusive to membership (Citizenship) in only one, regardless of what the UNITED STATES (a corporation) may say or do, or any force or duress it may apply to deter that act - which would be unlawful.

This includes, but is not limited to, choosing another name when someone damages your given name or conceals your bond with your family and their natural relationship to you in order to influence a child's development and thought process against one parent or extended family or culture and values. This act, known as Genocide, is ongoing, and having a name that is not "a registered roll in the UNITED STATES social security system" is a natural right when we begin to talk about moving beyond that limited monopoly as human beings, to protect our individual human dignity, reputation, property, creations, and right to have a bond without interference with our young.


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