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May 19th 2016

Beyond War is a registered trademark of Shadowdancers L.L.C., a limited liability company of the State of Oklahoma, and has been the target of extortion and imitation efforts targeting its creator, "H.M. Stryx", to force surrender of the mark in 15 year unlawful fraud to conceal a minor child without cause or due process by the State of Texas following kidnapping and ransom demands with threat of murder on child removal. Efforts to libel and slander the creator and his rights to this mark are part of organized crime by the United States and State of Texas and Oklahoma, and participants in this fraud continue to deceive the child in a false claim of abandoment following child snatching (21 O.S. 21-891) from the motor vehicle of the father of the child on August 11th 2001 in the City of Dallas, Texas.

United States authorities have refused to honor the rights of the father in this matter, alleging a trial was carried out and papers signed under threat of false arrest and false incarceration against the child's father, and under customs and practices to attest waiver of human rights took place which are an absolute lie.

As a result of this abuse and 15 years of identity theft including Interstate stalking and terrorism against the family, affiliates, and prior established registered business of the child's biological father, from whom the child was taken and at that time then physically resident and legally resident with the father, the project considers the United States, State of Texas, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone - collectivelly NTT Communications Group and its employees and affiliates, specifically those persons in Texas, Michigan, and California aiding in this fraud on behalf of NTT and its associates, and persons associated with high level Internet hosting at or representing by fraud major servers in the commercial network operations centers of OVH Hosting Inc. and Hetzner.DE; to be actively participating as of 2016 and consistently acting in joint terrorism activity including 16 Gigabit per second Denial of Service attacks spanning multiple days over a 3 year period (2014-2016), to be responsible from war crimes and carrying out such acts to taint the intellectual property of Nortel Networks, the artist using the registered name H.M. Stryx, and companies owned and operated by the same.

The affected parties hold a court order for the return of the abducted child, refused all service by the State of Texas from 2002 to 2015, and voided by a fraudulent filing September 2015 in context to ongoin demands for $50,000 USD and $1,000 USD in funds to afford telephone or voice contact or email with the child. Such actions are criminal, and against all laws of all nations, and supported without relief by the United States in the actions of 'sovereign immunity' plea on "Mark Bitara, et al vs UNITED STATES", represented by Texas Governor (then Attorney General) Greg Abbott. Abbot and former Texas Governor Rick Perry did deny the father relief, claiming he could not be protected unless he paid support ordered in violation of Federal Law (15 USC 1673b) from periods of loss of employment and loss of earnings resultant directly from defamation circulated by the child's abductors and STATE OF TEXAS in connection to the concealment without right to face the accuser. A Texas judge said in this matter, "I saw you, I saw her, due process served!" despite no actual evidence in the court or presence of the defendant and petitioner at any time in the same room or hearing, and physical detainment of the defendant by court officers to prevent attendance of the 2002 hearing resultant in a DEFAULT JUDGMENT ordering then possession of the child to the father despite no release of this order or information pertaining to return on demand over 2002-2011 in complete disregard of habeas corpus rights of the defendant and over written and formal demand for cause in concealment.

Pursuant to Oklahoma common law Title 76 section 8 and 9, all necessary force is authorized in this matter and further claims by the UNITED STATES or STATE OF TEXAS or STATE OF OKLAHOMA to be regarded as overt fraud described under Title 76.

Access to this site is restricted, due to these crimes, and the victims hold the PEOPLE OF THE NATION OF JAPAN, their employees at NTT COMMUNICATIONS GROUP, its affiliates including COGENTCO, and other persons and corporations (agency) of the STATE OF TEXAS and UNITED STATES liable for the injury done by this act of genocide and corruption of blood in hate crimes against Americans.

Beyond War was a simulation in science fiction created in 1991 and adapted without license by multiple companies to attempt to impersonate the technology, software, and intellectual property of H.M. Stryx, an Oklahoma science fiction writer, senior software engineer for Nortel Networks at the time of the kidnapping, and telecommunications administrator. The author was targeted because of his $120,000 USD annual income, and afforded no protection by the UNITED STATES, STATE OF TEXAS, nor STATE OF OKLAHOMA despite report of child kidnapping and felony (21 O.S. 21-891) child snatching in this matter, with express demands for money and property and suppression of physical violence against his person in criminal complaint conditional to contact with his newborn child (2001 May 29th birth date, 2001 Aug 11th abduction).

Beyond War holds the American People, human beings, legally separate in these claims from the UNITED STATES, a corporation, and its 'office of person' (a legal fiction, account or registered agency of a State or NGO) and respective STATE OF member corporations. Beyond War is an examination of total war, in virtual reality utilizing fiction to explain concepts of social and scientific moral argument, through storytelling in interactive online media, paired with proprietary distributed computer software and logic in a system for human-computer and human-human interaction. Efforts to suppress the ideas in this product by child kidnapping and concealment, fraud to assert mental illness in justification of child abduction, and fraud by no basis of any validity in such claims in a crime specified in Oklahoma State Law Title 43A - having no prior finding to prove or validate written letters of threat and publications including image and name use in knowing identity threat to suppress the complaint of corruption of blood (concealment of a child for financial, political, and judicial punishment) in this matter.

It is ironic that a story about child kidnapping and child abuse, written by a victim of child abuse, would end in the abduction and concealment of the child of that writer to silence religious prejudice in the UNITED STATES by the State and Federal Justice Deparment and its agencies.

Claims that the concepts in Beyond War validate the arguments in the child kidnapping and conceament are ridiculous, paranoid, and attempt to knowingly interpret a work of fiction as a moral position on real-world actions of the author despite setting in a video game. Actions in the Beyond War game are designed to be morally offensive, intended for mature audiences, not written for PEGI 12 or ESRB rating systems of commercial game industry distribution, and part of a medium of development and tools that predate those content control systems from 1990-2016.

Beyond War is technically an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game, entirely based in software, owned solely by the author in the State of Oklahoma who registered the mark. Attempts to sell the project, name, and rights for over $250,000 USD were in fact part of a 2010-2013 criminal fraud aiding in the concealment and kidnapping of a minor child in violation of a court order and involved numerous people in the Texas, Oklahoma, and New York fan event promotion groups competing for control over the regional science fiction tradeshow services and guest confidence.

Some of these promoters have been participants in the child abduction since 2001, calling for the murder of the Beyond War author in written posts and publications, and justifying the child abuse in perpetual concealment of his son for the duration of this fraud while following the author to Texas and back to Oklahoma after an assault at gunpoint committed against him in 2002. Because of this serious misconduct, the project was sidelined in 2001 and 2003, again in 2005 and 2008 with serious attacks on the reputation and identity of the father to damage his income and career preventing recovery of the child, and again in 2011 by false testimony by those persons responsible for the death threats to suppress their role in the child kidnapping. This conduct continued with organized commercial Denial of Service attacks in 2013-2015 and renewed attacks following fraud in negotiation for contact in late 2015 and early 2016, subsequent to an attempt to file a levy for $29,000 against the father by the State of Oklahoma in false claims in this matter.

It is the finding of the Beyond War project that the UNITED STATES is no longer a valid sovereign or nation, and its agency is sold in violation of Oklahoma Constitution Article II section 6, on fraudulent acts to kidnap Americans from their families and systematic fraud to deny return of hostages in extortion and blackmail activity. Trademarks including FLEX, Beyond War, and STRYX (spelled STRIX) have been used by various groups associated with (by direct ownership in agency of) the UNITED STATES, to establish misuse of the intellectual property of the firm sufficent to warrant election of a new jurisdiction under Oklahoma Constitution Article II section 1, and formation of such binding arbitration exclusive of the UNITED STATES and its peers in all contract and formal relationships, by the affected parties of these crimes against Humanity.

The right to elect one's own authority in sovereign government is a reserved right of the American people, pursuant to the contracts set forth and upheld as binding by the agency thereof, in instruction of the compact of government and regardless any undisclosed or customary selective enforcement or mechanisms or qualifications, and this topic (the fundamental right of self-identification and self-determination in exclusion of social and collective interest) the core of the Beyond War story.

As such the Beyond War project has elected its jurisdiction as foreign to the UNITED STATES and declared the jurisdiction of such claim to be global and perpetual in scope, incompatible with the incorporated UNITED STATES as a foreign government, and such territories and domain asserted by the UNITED STATES or its agency or member States to be a fraud incompatible with the contract made in enforcement of protection with the American People, a separate and legal party composed of human beings. No claim under the 'office of person' or other legal fiction shall be binding or in tort against this assertion, nor any agency or registration made to meet the custom or incompetence level of members of any foreign party a surrender or waiver of any rights by the Beyond War project as the UNITED STATES is not recognized as a sovereign entity or government by the new entity nor any subdivision or STATE OF corporation a real party before the laws and provisions of the contracts and documents held to be authoritative by the project or its elected jurisdiction or officers. World government, as asserted in a contract of limited liberties, to the extinction of the culture, heritage, and generational bond between parent and child or the misuse of pseudo-science to include labels intended to imply dysfunction or disability or incompetence and creation of a ward of the State condition, are expressly rejected by the court so appointed in this matter as material evidence of the war crime of genocide by the UNITED STATES in its actions and failure to act in defense of human beings injured by its agency or negligence or failure to react to report (hue and cry) of serious injury against human beings, specifically the American People.

It is the greatest tragedy that the very dialog about the potential injury of mass hysteria and prejudice by lower intellect in large numbers using open broadcast technology to re-examine the violence of the first and second World War, and media as a tool to create and manufacture war-for-profit in a corporate setting including the creation of taxation and eminent domain over all material property to include human beings and their creative products and free expression, would manifest in the gross violation of human rights by members of the State and their agency in kidnapping and injury including deceit and pharmacological tampering with a hostage to suppress the discussion of reform and theological debate via a non-violent and voluntary form of art and literature in the Western hemisphere after World War Two.

The acts described in Beyond War (the game) are so horrific and frightening, as are the motivations and reasons for their use, that grown adults are upset by their very suggestion and how the reasoning in the game as written by the original content author challenges the arguments of progressive socialism, the greater good, public welfare, and moral compromise common in the public and commercial pandering to sell the courts and legislation for profit and corporate interest.

Beyond War remains actively in development and limited in release to select contracted audiences under the binding arbitration terms afforded the creation of a new nation, and protected under THE BERNE CONVENTION from duplication or infringement conditional surrender of all protection for all rights (patent, copyright, royalties, use, taxation, and title) by any nation whose members violate those premise limitations on the false allegation or adaptation or derived works obtained from its contents or title. The project considers all such property of the UNITED STATES and NATION OF JAPAN, and any member States, to be forfeit at this time and subject to use without protection based on the ongoing concealment and deceipt to allege "abandonment" to the concealed child held as a hostage by the UNITED STATES in the STATE OF TEXAS since birth August 11th 2001, and taken during agreed Interstate transportation in an act of INTERSTATE COMMERCE which was suspended to violate the rights of the human being then traveling in the region on contract for software work for the Canadian based "NORTEL NETWORKS" business. Suppression of this party to conceal the theft by various UNITED STATES companies of the patents and portfolio of the same, and to underbid contracts in the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA using compromised email accounts at NORTEL NETWORKS, later found to primarily benefit the NATION OF JAPAN (a 25% shareholder in NTT COMMUNICATIONS) and in conjunction with terms of service claiming sole ownership of all data transported over discounted optical lines provided by the same in legal conditions providing for espionage activity under color-of-law as described by Edward Snowden in similar abuse by the UNITED STATES, affords great insight into the complete abandonment of the law and all presumption of compliance by the UNITED STATES and NATION OF JAPAN in these matters, ongoing hostage taking, and acts of terrorism from 2001 to 2016 in concealment and injury to human beings whose rights are upheld under common law (76 O.S. 76-1).

Licensing restrictions including SDK and Microsoft plaftorm (Windows 10) clauses continue to attempt to make legal claim in tort against the properties which shall remain exclusively the sole and perpetual property of the author of Beyond War in all cases of adaptation, derived works, duplication in image or appearance or function or name or title, and denial of providence of such works in a fashion identical to that of the National Socialist Party in the prior Century, without legal cause or power thereto.

These actions may be consequential of larger issues, in policy and language, but have on so many occassions been overtly denied, suppressed, and reports destroyed and altered in discovery including failure to serve the father of the child the court order on demand from 2002 to 2011, prior utter denial of relief citing the duration of concealment afforded by this knowing obstruction of justice in refusal to provide the order or cause for concealment and removal, that no remedy can be afforded civil or criminal Justice Departments of the United States short of dissolution of the UNITED STATES and surrender to a new American government so provided under Oklahoma Cosntitution Article II section 1, as a reserved right held by the American People.

Whether the UNITED STATES asserts it is legaly AT WAR with the American People, or simply acting based on limitations for remedy that it has granted to itself to avoid liability in this matter entirely on false claims of denial of access or sale of access to the court, are notwithstanding the ultimate outcome and reality of its asserted monopoly over immigration, occupation, employment, and power of taxation and license to all products and services of the injured parties; nor provide any basis for that claim at law. No monopoly exists or has ever been afforded, all rights to sell or duplicate the mark or product are frauds, and failure to arrest or act to relieve the injury makes accessory all parties affiliated with the UNITED STATES, NATION OF JAPAN, or other nation or agency or organization acting in position of equal immunity or extra-judicial powers not afforded the American People and with no bearing whatsoever of any surrender or waiver or other condition of assumption of the 'office of person' before a department of the UNITED STATES or its member STATE entities or territories or courts.

Education in the separation of the legal entity UNITED STATES, and misuse of the term in conjunction with the physical land and territory known general as "United States" or "United States of America"; and with members of the UNITED STATES known as UNITED STATES CITIZENS or U.S. Citizens, and with the persons named and described in the common law known as "The American People" or "The People" who are human beings; or the distinct legal difference between "person" or "persons" as holders of an office of the UNITED STATES subject to statutory law, and with human beings as a legal definition of people who are holders of all rights not afforded or lent in limited capacity to the government of their determination subject no permission for their use or fee or tax in any act to preserve their lives or families or the integrity of their works and products from theft and dissolution - shall not constitute a crime and is wrongdoing only in the simplest and most inferior of minds who are deluded and incorrect to say so. Whether by mental illness, physcial or biological or chemically induced incapacity, or by fraud, the assertion that such arguments are non-sequiter to the rights expressly and plainly reserved without capacity to surrender, including protections from abuse described in 15 USC 1673 and 28 USC 2738A paragraph (e) of the UNITED STATES own statutory code, such claims are a conspiracy against rights (18 USC 241) and crime under-color-of-law for which any support or enabling activity to include endorsement is prohibited under International Law (18 USC 1901; The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide).

While it may have taken 20 years to ratify this convention, as a binding United States Treaty, having full force of law and the power of Supreme Law over States and their customs and practices, the denial of such acts on report makes the UNITED STATES guilty of the war crime "complicity with genocide" against the affected parties, and such defense against the right to assert this charge null and void unless the parties believe the UNITED STATES to be one and the same with the American People. No such claim has been or ever shall be legal or binding, and the fraud to assert such right to be indemnified because the UNITED STATES has determined that American People were not harmed or are not being harmed when accused formally is utter denial making it the first party to the act of any injury in the overture (Mark Bitara v UNITED STATES; refused hearing by a Federal Judge for the UNITED STATES citing parents had "no rights" under UNITED STATES Federal Statutory Codes, contrary 15 USC and 28 USC).

As no hearing was permited, no appeal was possible as this was not a ruling but instead a REFUSAL TO HEAR THE CASE, prompting a 15 year act of genocide by the UNITED STATES which was overshadowed by its direct military involvement in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, and other countries, resulting in the deaths of over 1,400,000 human beings in an illegal war provoked by the death of less than 3,000 UNITED STATES CITIZENS in an attack that the UNITED STATES was notified of in the year 1997 via the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, in which the father of the abducted child (then a member of the mailing list, later known as DEFCON Information Security Convention of Las Vegas Nevada), was personally aware and expert in. Suppression of these facts to indemnify the UNITED STATES for unlawful invasion and failure to abide by the Geneva Convention in the use of White Phosphorus against Civilian population centers followed by the abandonment of the country's security and installation of a puppet government which surrendered vast amounts of UNITED STATES manufactured arms to Islamic State (ISIS) military forces, remains the last acts of the UNITED STATES in the 21st Century.

We therefore, respectfully, decline the UNITED STATES involvement or any pretext of approval for the Beyond War project or its contents, and restrict access to approved persons only who have elected to likewise swear an oath affirming the disollution of the UNITED STATES as a legitimate government in favor of binding arbitration under new codes and rules of conduct which provide for the full rights and protection of the American People as a defined culture and identity, and to all people equally without exception or compromise to these rights and protections established by the American People and for the American People and in the interest of promoting their ideals, principles, and values globally and in all acts of human activity and domains.

Beyond War was designed to question deeply, "What is Human".

It was never our expectation that our concerns and observations in the late 1980s and early 1990s would so soon come to bear on all aspects of nationalism and State based government, law, jurisdiction, and human conditions in active and ongoing wars against enemies whose barbaric genocide by religious, theological, and sexual assault on the American People would demand a meaningful and material response outside of the realm of fiction and academic debate. We deeply regret the actions of this generation of officers of the UNITED STATES, and assert that their conduct has and does constitute treason against the Human Race and Crimes Against Humanity, for which Human Beings are a legitimate and defined separate legal entity whose country and sovereign must be recognized in order to obtain relief, protection, remedy, and reparations for injuries of the highest degree. That we human beings are entitled to our faith in "The King of Kings", and that all human beings are individuals and equal in the right to be fully recognized in that capacity as "Kings", and that no collective, State, or municipal government or agency shall violate or suspend those rights reserved without comment or expression by the Kings, nor misrepresent the just leadership of the King of Kings as authority over any which is not granted by the consent of all to regard those acts as acts of service solely for the protection of rights and the dignity of individual human beings above and superior to any benefit or advantage gained by the community, collective, class, or alturistic adventure of potential future gains.

This is the premise of Beyond War, forged in fire and told in stories of war like nothing the human race has ever seen. To the destruction of stars and solar systems, annihilation of all life on planets, and sacrifice of billions of lives to kill even one of the most destructive soldiers ever created. The evolution of entire planets solely for war and resources in this struggle, on a scale that the governments of our real world would hardly conceive, and the wealth of that level of power and control over the very building blocks of life and all disease and even death, that was imbued in a single individual human being in our story. The power to move among the stars with a simple act of will, to walk through walls, and destroy time and causality rather than allow it to become an instrumentality of unending slavery and ignorance. To teach others with a word everything that was learned in a thousand lifetimes, or change the fate of a world with a single drop of blood, and make gods out of ordinary men and women. To unleash all the monsters of Hell with a single breath, and swallow up entire people and their civilization with a curse on a single word, and hand down death with conviction that never dies and never sleeps.

These absolutes terrify the child-like mind of people who live in slavery to time, believe that their work will pay off if they die after a fair vacation before the end of their lives, and give their best years to the productivity of their elders and of the owners of their parents and the armies that stand at the borders of their mountains and seas. It is war that most can only believe ends in the complete annihilation of all life and complete chaos. It is anarchy and extermination and the elimination of all life that does not agree with its own narrow minded child-like point of view, to those simple people who are slaves.

And it is a story of how life goes on, despite these epic powers and the science behind them, though it burn a billion worlds and blot out galaxies and render the scale of the entire human condition to that of a microbe of dust - because we are, as each individual, in each child and in the eyes of that one single child whose name is just a sound that dies as easily as the wind in the vast scope of our story, so very precious. Because the eyes of even one child - not just any child - but one specific child, should be to one of those soldiers worth burning down the Universe itself and bearing silently all the ignorance and evil in it - if only to create a shelter and a home in which that one individual child might be nurtured and loved.

That is what our gods are made of, in Beyond War, and the story (a work of fiction) intent on revealing to the human beings of our world, what love means when we dare to weigh it against the value and merit and commodity of all our life's labors. What if that love was, in fact, the only thing holding back armageddon and annihilation. Would you really take it so lightly? Is love worth so little after all?

That is how our story got its name, "Beyond War".

It is a very "American" story.

Not the story of the U.S.


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