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American Storytellers

The first element of any story is the culture from which it comes from. Without the culture of the people who tell the story, the context cannot be understood. We have, since the advent of the industrial revolution, witnessed the death of human culture in favor of national identity and national product, against which a national debt was established under conditions of war and its dissolution delayed contrary the limits placed on national government by the articles of the People.

When a nation or organization acting as a government subverts the fundamental laws of human beings, to violate the rights held to be inalienable by those human beings, the presumption to lie, deceive, and control the narrative of a people becomes all government can accomplish well.

The story is where this struggle begins, not the act or the injury or the loss, but the legacy that refuses to submit and the people who carry that story under threat. We recognize those storytellers and their right to explain what conventional limits on the power of media and broadcasting set by the oppressive regime against the human beings it has injured. This right to free expression is the core of Beyond War, and the story of the American People.

The right to disaffect the bonds between the UNITED STATES and the American People (OK Const. Article II-1), and for such act to be an individual act of election that does not eject the human being from their home and community. An act that instead ejects the UNITED STATES from the true legacy of the American People and their values, accomplishments, identity, and laws.

The legacy of controversial American Storytellers is well known, but in the digital era it has been widely suppressed by organized education and the active surveillance and suppression of dissent in an organized fashion (PRISM) to include national retaliation against sepratists and reformers. A war on the American People has been fought for a very long time under a number of misleading uses of the American language (see for example: Newspeak and Doublespeak).

This story, is the end of that fraud.


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