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Technology of Beyond War

The ability to fly, to move (jump) from planet to planet and star to star, and appear and disappear through shadows is to the Sanguine of the Beyond War Universe as simple as kicking a can down a flight of stairs. Built in reactors capable of pushing the mass of a planet out of the solar system, housed in their own bodies, stored both in this dimension in cellular emitters and arrayed like the guts of a battleship on the other side. When you see one of these creatures you can be certain it doesn't look like that on the other side, and hits harder than a supernova if it wanted to. Fierce doesn't describe the forces you are dealing with, fighting a warship shaped like a human being. Nor do you want to be around when that thing takes a crap. There is a reason vampires live alone in big dank smelly castles.

Now that you have that image in your mind, you can understand why the Sanguine who have lived the longest also want to tone-it-down a bit from their hay day as destroyers of entire galaxies. It is hard to live on a budget in a Bronx apartment when you have a mass of a small freighter. Light and leisurely is the way to go, and in peacetime those weapons can be set aside or turned off to hide their signature from other more sinister things (the Tyec, whose foces still linger thousands of years over old battlefields) that never stop looking for survivors of The War.

With power like that, how does anyone settle down?

Give it about 2000 years, and the new wears off. You come to really appreciate the little things. Spring rain, tornadoes, a pretty girl (or boy), and watching life repeat itself over and over at the pace of human years. There is a reason they call them "Sanguine", and the word literally means serene in nature. Our word, their name, a history of strange roots meaning both blood and joy. Sanguine are, in the end, the most human-like of all the great war machines. Some might even say they are human, only highly augmented, but the nature of their needs and fears change so much that we cannot call them that.

Where human beings have fear, they have knowledge and confidence that the future is in their hands to change and direct. Where we feel empowered and want to rule over communities and nations, they have seen planets and entire civilizations fall, and have very little desire to rule over or impose their wishes on anyone - having had all the experience in the world at war in that role. Usually, they don't bring their work home with them, because life - as we know it - is home to them, and we, are very much in their eyes (especially those that like to meddle), their children.

The Sanguine do not hand out their knowledge, power, or technology - and sometimes even seek to push us off the same path to discovering exactly how formidible the knowledge is, because no matter its potential benefits - the ability to weaponize that same technology and utilize it to wipe out all life on any single planet is far too great.

People who read the stories of Beyond War, and see violence and horror and unending chaos, have only exposed their own intent to misuse and abuse the kind of power we are talking about. Our story is about the life of these 'monsters', and how we are - in contrast to their responsible use and persecution for what they are - ultimately the real threat to the Universe.


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